In 1978 "Pops" Hubbard worked as an Oil Jobber with Mobil Oil and played Saxophone on the side with various bands.

When Mobil Oil pulled out of the area, he lost his job.  That led him to the purchase of  "Melody Music" in 1979 from Mutt and Julie Johnson. Melody Music was a local premier music store located in the old Loretto Shopping Center.

Pops Hubbard employed his son Dru to help him in the store.

Dru learned about the music business and also found a love for playing drums and played in various rock bands in the area.  Upon graduating from high school in 1980, Dru left his job and gave college a try.  After many failed attempts and finally getting kicked out of the university after a 2 year effort, he decided to pursue a professional music career in a rock band.

The "Footnotes" was born in 1982.  This rock band had a goal to make it to the "Big Time".  They started touring in 1984 in cities between Texas and Tennessee spending much of their time in Houston and Nashville.  In 1989 Dru met the love of his life in Nashville and continued gigging and recording with his partner by his side.

In 1992 Dru joined a modern rock band called "The Pack" and auditioned for Warner Brothers who stated that "they were not right for the time!"  The band made a decision to convert to a "rockabilly" country band and Dru made a decision to marry his love. Now married and with a new band they returned to Nashville in 1993.  Under pressure to write more new material for their contract the band split up in September of 1993.

Dru and his bride relocated back to Las Cruces on March 1st of 1994 at which time he returned to work with Pops at what was now called "Hubbard's Music".  The store continued to succeed and grow and moved to Foster Road in August of 1994 and then to a larger facility on Wyatt Dr. in 2007.

Pops passed away on January 3, 2006 and joined the greatest of all bands up above.

Dru is the owner/operator of Hubbard's Music -n- More and still plays in a local rock band, is still happily married raising children, raising hell.